Recent work:

“Fight” is the 4/9/23 poem of the day over at Verse Daily.

“Fireline” is the 4/6/23 poem of the day over at Rattle.

“Musicians at the Wedding” is the 3/2/23 poem of the day over at Rattle.

“Third Date” is forthcoming in Superstition Review.

“Good Questions” is published in the new issue (14.1) of The FlyFish Journal.

My interview with Whit Missildine is episode 227 of This Is Actually Happening.

“Lakefill” is published over at Pangyrus.

The Palo Alto Weekly wrote this feature about my writing, grief, and hope (January 2017).

I was so happy to contribute to the “Writers Recommend” series in Poets & Writers magazine.

My contribution to the “Why I Write” series.

3 poems are featured in the November 30th issue of the San Diego Reader.

Some thoughts on grief and spectacle, and hope, following Patton Oswald’s appearance on Conan, at the University of Nebraska Press’s blog.

My essay, “The Polish Prince” (Editor’s Prize finalist) in the Spring 2016 issue of the Missouri Review.


Read interviews:

John talks with Sejal H. Patel about memoir, truth, and technology in the Winter 2016 issue of Creative Nonfiction.

Interview with Jody Smiling in The Rumpus.

Interview with Kelsey Ronan in Sycamore Review.


Read excerpts from YOUNG WIDOWER: A MEMOIR (University of Nebraska Press, 2014):

Download and read a free digital preview of the first chapter, from the University of Nebraska Press.

Slate published an excerpt, available here.

Backpacker Magazine published an excerpt, available here.

Worldview Magazine published an excerpt, available here.

“Rehearsals For Departure” (chapter), first published in The Rumpus.

“Elegy and Narrative” (essay), first published in The Missouri Review.


Read poems from THE CONSOLATIONS: POEMS (Trio House Press, 2014):

“Eclogue” (poem, video), Stanford Creative Writing Program.

No Season (digital poetry chapbook), Floating Wolf Quarterly Press.

“The Legend of a Life” (poem) and “Dirt” (poem), at A Poetry Congeries at Connotation Press.

“Sandwich Notch Road, Two Days Before Christmas” (poem), Slate.

“Scale” and “Eclogue” (poems), Poetry Daily.

“Poem of the Week–Scale” (poem), The Missouri Review.

selections from “The Katie Ghazals” (poems)Hayden’s Ferry Review.

“Sleep” and “Young Widower (poems)Blackbird.

“Cine S-a Fript Cu Ciorba, Sfla si-n Iaurt” (poem), Verse Daily.

Selected poemsThe Missouri Review.